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A deliciously sweet super-fruit

Monk fruit is packed with healthy antioxidants and vitamins, but what makes this fruit really special is its great-tasting, low-calorie sweetness. Monk fruit's amazing sweetness comes from unique, naturally occurring antioxidants found in the fruit that have a delicious sweet taste, but without the calories of sugar.

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From seedling to supermarket

Monk Fruit Corp. uses world-class agricultural systems combined with environmentally-friendly farming and processing methods along the entire path, from seedling to finished product. We are the only company in the world with in-house capability for the entire supply chain, from plant breeding to finished product. An experienced horticultural team provides on-site guidance at the orchards, then supervises the harvest and delivery of vine-ripened fruit to our state-of-the-art processing facility nearby. It is "hands-on" at every stage. This level of control and supervision ensures the quality of the fruit, while fulfilling our mission to support sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices.

Monk Fruit Corp. has perfected a simple process to capture the natural low-calorie sweetness of monk fruit while maintaining its pure fruit goodess. Here's how it works:

CRUSHThe fruit is crushed to release its natural sweet juice.

INFUSEThe crushed fruit is mixed with hot water to make a sweet infusion.

FILTERThe infusion is filtered, leaving a clear, fresh juice that contains the sweet anti-oxidants and a small amount of natural fruit sugar. Our monk fruit juice product retains the fruit sugars to make a delicious low-calorie fruit juice while our monk fruit extract is made by separating the fruit sugars from the sweet anti-oxidants which are then spray dried as a fruit extract powder.

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A healthy, natural sweetness solution for food and beverage companies

Food and beverage companies have been challenged for years to develop natural, healthy, great-tasting alternatives to sugar. Monk fruit is a solution that delivers low-calorie natural sweetness and great taste. Consumers trust fruit and associate fruit with healthy great-tasting sweetness. Monk fruit provides a natural source of pure sweetness from the goodness of fruit, which we offer in two forms:

Monk fruit juice concentrate is a natural fruit juice that is 15-20 times sweetener than sugar. Monk fruit juice concentrate is very clean tasting with no lingering bitterness, and is an ideal solution for reducing or replacing sugar in food and beverage applications where a juice ingredient is preferred.

Powdered monk fruit is a powdered fruit extract that is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, with a clean flavour profile and no bitter aftertaste. Monk fruit extract is supplied in a convenient concentrated powdered form and can be used to reduce or replace sugar in a wide range of food and beverage applications.